European International Business Academy (EIBA) Conference 2012
ZenTra - Center for Transnational Studies
Universit├Ąt Bremen

Panel session

The goal of panel sessions is to provide a focused discussion on innovative topics. Each prospective organizer is invited to submit a proposal explaining the theme and its novelty/importance, and listing the participating authors and their contributions.


Guidelines for submitting a Panel Session proposal:

Submissions should be made using the paper submission system.  The deadline for submissions is July 15, 2013. Please include the following information in the proposal:

The proposed title of the Panel Session.

The organizer(s), contact information and affiliations.

The relevance of the proposed Panel Session to the EIBA 2013 Conference, and the significance of the related contributions (max 1000 words).

The participants' contact information, affiliations, presentation/paper titles and short abstracts (max 100 words per abstract). This list should contain at least four people who have confirmed their participation at the Conference.


Panel sessions in which participants come from different universities and countries are encouraged. The acceptance of panels is subject to constraints in terms of the availability of rooms. The proposals will be reviewed by at least two independent reviewers who will specifically take into consideration the following criteria:

Relevance: Is the topic of the proposed panel session related to the main themes in International Business and/or the main theme of the EIBA 2013 Conference?

Significance: Does the proposed panel offer value beyond the usual competitive or interactive paper sessions? Does it deal with issues that are interesting but underexplored? Does it propose something new in terms of conceptual or methodological approaches, or does it highlight an issue of considerable managerial or societal significance?

Coherence: Do the presentations for the proposed session address sufficiently related questions or issues, and do they contribute to a coherent panel?