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Universität Bremen

What to do

Together with our touristic partner, BTZ –Bremer Touristik Zentrale, we can provide you and your accompanying partner various sightseeing tours, guided walks or a boat trip on the river Weser to experience the Hanseatic flair of Bremen.
If you are culturally inclined you may want to take a guided tour through the Schnoor quarter or visit one of our unique museums.
The town musicians -These four fairytale animals are as much a part of Bremen as the river Weser, and you come across them wherever you wander in the old quarter. You can see the famous sculpture outside the town hall, hear the animals' voices coming out of the ground in front of the State Parliament building and visit the donkey's grave on Böttcherstrasse.
The town Hall and the Roland Statue -The 600-year-old town hall, whose Weser Renaissance-style facade was added in later years, and the Roland statue, erected in 1404, are our most precious cultural treasures. However, they are no longer our exclusive property: since 2004 they have been protected by UNESCO as a piece of world heritage for everyone to enjoy.
The Schnoor quarter and the Böttcherstraße -This pretty little quarter takes its name from the fact that its many old buildings line the narrow lanes like pearls on a string (Schnur in German). Nowhere else in Bremen do you find so many restaurants and cafés, arts & crafts boutiques and souvenir shops in such a small area as in the Schnoor – the oldest quarter of the city. As soon as you turn into Böttcherstraße, just south if the market square, you enter a whole world in the Expressionist style. This 110 meter long architectural tour de force contains restaurants and cafés, handicraft shops, two museums and a carillon consiisting of 30Meissen porcellain bells.
The christmas market and Schlachte embankment -arounnd the Roland staute and the Liebfrauenkirchhof, where Town Musicians are located, the Christmas market offers various booths with food, mulled wine and handicrafted christmas gifts. Enjoy the lively and cozy atmosphere, that is typical for Bremen right in the city center! An antiques and bric-a-brac market is held here every Saturday during the spring and summer months. In the run-up to Christmas the medieval atmosphere of the Schlachte-Zauber market gets everyone in the right mood for the festive season.
The Überseestadt district -This area of Bremen offers chic waterfront lifestyle with a twist as the former docklands are transformed into the city's latest residential, retail and office development. Contemporary architecture contrasts with old warehouses directly opposite, while trendy bars and fascinating shops attract growing numbers of visitors.
Worlds of learning - Bremen is an innovative place a fact that becomes clear as soon as you visit one of the city's numerous exhibitions on science and technology. The science centre at the Universum Bremen explores deep insight the earth and the Botanika, horticultural science centre puts it under the microscope to reveal the secret world of plants -particularly rhododendrons. When it comes to innovation, Bremen is reching for the stars a leading aerospace centre. The engineers at EADS Astrium build space transporters and rocket components. You can watch them at work and earn how astronauts live on the International Space Station, which is monitored by Astrium.