European International Business Academy (EIBA) Conference 2012
ZenTra - Center for Transnational Studies
Universität Bremen


Bremen, home to the world famous Town Musicians, puts itself on the map as the pulsating, multifaceted heart of North West Germany.

Bremen helps Germany wake up in the morning and wind down after work: every other cup of coffee that is drunk in the country originates from Bremen, and the city is home to the famous Beck's brewery.

A popular hub of heritage, science, high technology and space industry keeps up with the pace of innovation. The 1,200 year old Hanseatic city has a quality that ensures a unique metropolitan experience– from rejuvenated Schlachte Promenade on the River Weser to attractions like the Universum Science Center. Bremen’s Roland is one of the oldest and most impressive of the Roland statues, which were erected during the Middle Ages as symbols of liberty and trading rights.

Together, the City Hall and the Roland statue bear testimony to the history of the Free City Republic of Bremen, from the 9th century through the present day. Both are located directly on the old market square near the Dome. The City Hall, which is   on the list of UNESCO world heritage sites, will be the location of our Evening reception.

Bremen’s oldest district , the Schnoor quarter is just a walk away and owes its name to the string (‘Schnur’ in German) of pretty little houses from the 15th and 16th centuries that line its mazy streets. 
Bremen at night